Rajendra Pokharel Director

Dear students and parents,

Greetings from Mirai Education and Visa!


I am quite pleased to state that Mirai Education and Visa is the only destination to those who look for a vigorous consultancy giving research based authentic information. Since its inception, it has empowered the student with quality education and proper consultative programmer in a wider horizon overseas. Understanding the competitive environment, we prosper to facilitate excellent educational options for the personal development and career fulfilment of the student aspiring to study abroad.

It’s our mission to bestow prospective students an opportunity to elevate academically – we are sure that you are excited about your new avenues in learning because it is the beginning of people who consider the best years of life. You are eager to shape your career ahead and we assist you to shape your future.

Our highly dedicated and committed team anticipate acquiring excellence in the field of overseas educational consultancy. With the keen focus on quality education, we are steadfast in our path, giving perspective assistance and aid to students for attaining meritorious knowledge, advice and information.

At last, we state you do not delay and hesitate yourself; the only right step leads to attaining your goal. I assume that Mirai will be the milestone to add supportive bricks on your career. Just take the first step toward Mirai, we guarantee that we will take care of all the rest, thoroughly and effectively.



Rajendra Pokharel