Applying student visa in abroad is found quite lengthy and complicated. We, at Mirai Education and Visa aim to facilitate all the student for getting study visa of Australia, UK, Canada, NZ, Japan through our expertise and experiences. In sum, our core objectives as an educational consultant are:

  • To provide factual and research-based information about education system.
  • To work as a path finder for those students wondering to identify the best location, university, college and courses.
  • To facilitate for the visa processing and documentation.
  • To provide post-visa services.
  • SWOT Analysis of the students to help them choose their right path for their career.
  • Education counselling and advice.


  • Conduct educational and visa information seminars at distinct locations.
  • Sponsoring different events to bring awareness about Mirai Education and Visa like Sports competitions.
  • Regular advertisement via various telecommunication media: TV broadcasting, Radio, online and social media.
  • Maximise the use of social media and other powerful social interaction platforms.
  • Holding networking sessions to expand our network.
  • Provide internship opportunities to our students.
  • Regular training of our staff to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology.

We believe, once a relation and forever after, we shall be your real partner. We give special priority to our students, service and partner organizations. We have a policy to reach a mass level of potential students through social media and other traditional media. We interact to the student via Facebook, Viber, Instagram with text, audio and visual messages. We are available at any time for student’s counselling service with meaningful inputs.