‘America is hope. It is compassion. It is valor. It is a tune which must be sung together’. The United States of America, aka America or U.S.A, with a motto announcing ‘In God, We Trust’, justifies every sense of the word used. This connoisseur country of North America exercises huge trickle-down effect when it comes to the economy of the entire globe, thus making it one of the most carefully scrutinized countries of the world.

The country whose capital reads Washington D.C., where English is the National Language and whose citizens are called ‘Americans’, was declared independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain in the year 1776, while it was recognized as one on September 3rd, 1783.”America is great because it has as much diversity in geographies as it does in people”, quotes Aurora Range, highlighting the heterogeneous composition of the place. The United States, which ranks first in terms of total GDP, a commendable 3rd in Human Development Index, and yet another 3rd in its population base, consists of 500 states, a federal district, and 5 Union Territories. Patriotism sprinkles upon its people with the anthem ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ as the country exercises uncountable effect over finance, trade, culture, military, politics, and technology.

“What the American people hope, what they deserve is for all of us, Democrats and Republicans, to work through our differences; to overcome the numbing weight of our politics. For while the people who sent us here have different backgrounds, different stories, different beliefs, the anxieties they face are the same. The aspirations they hold are shared: a job that pays the bills, a chance to get ahead, most of all, the ability to give their children a better future”. The quoted line by the current President Mr. Barack Obama gives the sum and substance of the inescapable influence integrated by this world’s superpower, America, where ‘luxuries’ are camouflaged behind ‘basics’, ‘security’ is exercised as ‘necessity’.

Why Study in U.S.?

Over the past few years, the U.S. has dominated the globe in being the most popular university destination for students from all over the world. Somehow, even with the growth of other English-taught options in other countries, students continue to choose to pursue their Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in the U.S.

What makes U.S. universities so special? To answer this question, we will run through the top five reasons students tend to always choose American universities for their international education, and what sets these universities apart.

  • U.S. degrees have an excellent international reputation

    It’s hardly a secret that universities in the U.S. continue to maintain a strong presence among top-ranked universities in the world. Partially this has to do with how well-funded and supported American universities are, but it also has to do with the high academic standards and rigorous requirements that they instill in their students.

    With their always changing and evolving classrooms, these universities continue to attract students from all over the world and are courageously working every year to change the education they deliver so that students from all over the world are prepared to go back home and find wonderful careers.

  • American universities are bastions of cultural diversity

    Nearly every university in the U.S. takes diversity to be one of their defining pillars. Historically, there has been a strong effort within the structure of these institutions to make cultural diversity central to the enrollment and admission efforts. Students often remark that their classes and dormitories are full of students from every nationality, religion, or ethnicity, and having access to and contact with so many cultural backgrounds makes the experience that much more thrilling.

    If you go to a university in the U.S., you will feel immediately comfortable around people who share a similar background as you and who have new ideas and perspectives to share. Studying abroad, in general, is one way to nurture your tolerance and openness to other cultures; studying in the U.S. adds another dimension, exposing you not only to American culture but to the languages and beliefs of people from nationalities all over the world.

  • U.S. universities offer excellent support facilities to international students

    In an effort to make your transition to a U.S. university smoother, these institutions offer plenty of support to prepare international students for their classes. Through various workshops, English-language practice courses, orientations, and training, international students are given plenty of help to get them ready for their classes.

    Moreover, there is some effort to allow international students the ability to stay in the U.S. after they graduate, so that they can attempt to pursue a wonderful career at some of the world’s biggest companies. In 2016, a massive effort was taken to allow graduates from STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to stay for 24 months to get work experience and extend their stay.

    With this opportunity, you have the chance to look for work in fields that are always seeking ambitious and hard-working students; and with this extension, you can stay in the U.S. to find your footing at some of the biggest companies.

    There are extraordinary study opportunities all over the U.S. and they are available to students everywhere:

    Study Computer Science & IT in the United States
    Study Business Administration in the United States
    Study Mechanical Engineering in the United States

  • U.S. universities invest in optimized classroom experiences

    As technology continues to innovate and change the way that information is delivered, University classrooms are trying to keep in step with the rapid acceleration of ideas. By giving students more access to web-based classes, utilizing computer-based tests, and allowing students to use different labs and resources, universities are able to give you the latest and most modern classroom experience that you can imagine.

    Check out the most high-tech universities in the U.S.

    1. California Institute of Technology
    2. Cornell University
    3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    4. Carnegie Mellon University
    5. University of California, Los Angeles

    With these advanced capabilities and access to all kinds of resources, American universities keep the education up-to-date, with all of the gadgets and engaging virtual experiences that this generation of students is already accustomed to. If you go to a university in the U.S., you will find yourself immediately introduced to new ways of studying, learning, researching, and taking tests

  • American universities offer a flexible environment for every students’ needs

    Studying in American universities provides an ideal environment for students, characterized by flexible methods of education and continuous development process for students in the various fields of studies.

    Depending on your strengths, interests, and goals, U.S. universities deliberately shift their classroom structures and instruction methods to make learning engaging and, at the same time, relevant to your own domain.

    U.S. universities are notoriously casual and relaxed. Students are under no obligation to show up to every single class, r to stay for an entire lecture. Now, just because you can avoid and skip classes, doesn’t mean you should.